In the Funeral Home we have a spacious reception area with a grand marble fireplace.   There are 2 visitation rooms – one is very spacious and can accommodate large crowds.  This room features a commissioned stained glass window, symbolising 5 generations of Browne’s Undertakers in the Enniscorthy area, with 5 beautiful butterflies traversing the slope from the hill top to the water’s edge.   It is a fabulous backdrop to the room.  The second visitation room is more intimate and highly suited to smaller funerals.  Velvet red chairs, candles and beautiful wallpaper help to make this room feel relaxing and comforting.

The office for making funeral arrangements affords families and close friends a private place to discuss all details relating to the funeral.  Brownes funeral directors will take you through all details of planning the funeral, explaining everything to you. You can view coffins and caskets in the room adjacent to the office.

We want our visitors to feel welcome and comfortable in our Funeral Home.  Many of our bereaved families and friends choose the funeral home for the removal, and at Browne’s we can cater for the large crowds of people in a friendly and comforting location.  Our funeral home has been designed to feel welcoming, warm and comfortable. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to view the premises