Funeral Services

The following is a brief list of the funeral services Browne’s can provide:

       The organisation of burial and cremation services.

       Announcements on radios, national and local newspapers and

       Preparation of the deceased for viewing.

       Grave locating, purchasing and opening.

       Graveside dressing and the use of a pa systems.

       Arranging Organists, soloists and other musicians.

       Arranging the supply of flowers.

       Supply of coffins or caskets and urns.

       Condolence books.

       Organisation and payment of clergy and other funeral related fees.

       Supply of temporary grave markers.

       Arranging catering in hotels or restaurants.

       All Repatriation services from overseas.

       Headstone & monumental works

Pre-Planned Funerals

If you would like to pre-plan a funeral and leave definite instructions in relation to your own funeral arrangements or those of a loved one, please contact us.